BRIC Inquiry Guide-Turning Data Into Meaningful Action

Jun 15, 2010  | 
Greg Stoup, CaƱada College and Priyadarshini Chaplot, RP Group

This inquiry guide aims to facilitate message building. It provides a series of templates, approaches, and strategies for packaging research outcomes into coherent action-oriented messages in ways that increase awareness and motivate change. The procedures and tactics highlighted in this guide provide a set of tools to help improve the information flows among practitioners, leaders, and managers at every layer of the organization. These tools do not develop improved research designs or methodologies, but rather build a common framework and language that generates thoughtful conversation, broadens understanding, and deliberately prompts users of information to act on evidence. To those ends, we outline processes that use these tools as vehicles to trigger collaborative dialogue and encourage broader input into the knowledge generating process. While the content of this module is founded on current research in behavioral psychology, cultural anthropology, and complexity science, the techniques themselves are grounded in the practical and tangible.

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