Friday, March 23, 2018
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Beyond the Classroom: Using Prior Learning Assessment to Advance Student Success Brief 2016
October 2016 

Student Perspectives Research Brief 2013
January 2013
What students say they need to succeed: Key themes from a study of student support

Stepping Up: Student Transcript-Enhanced Placement Study Research Brief 2014
February 2014

Multi-College Evaluation of the California Acceleration Project Summary 2014
April 2014

Metro Academies Cost Study Summary 2015

Completion Inquiry Guide and Research Tools

May 15, 2012  | The RP Group and Peter Riley Bahr, PhD
In 2010, Peter Riley Bahr, PhD, conducted a cluster analysis for the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office that examined the course-taking behavior of first-time students over an eight-year period. The research revealed a number of interesting issues, including under-reporting successes that do not result in “completion” (meaning transfer, an associate’s degree or certificate), equity gaps in students pursuing completion outcomes, and the high volume of units attempted by students pursuing a completion goal.

What's Completion Got to Do with It?
Segmentation Model for Assessing Course-Taking Patterns
Plain Text Code for Segmentation Study
Replication Rules Update - May 9, 2012