Wednesday, May 24, 2017
The RP Group

College Readiness

College Readiness and Developmental Education

With vast numbers of community college students placing into basic skills and the rise in innovations to address college readiness, our work focuses on research designed to understand how to more efficiently and effectively move students into college-level coursework, including multiple measures assessment, acceleration, and contextualization.

Evaluation of MIS student success data for a set of California community colleges.

Literature review identifying a set of 18 promising practices that enable the successful transition of students from adult education to postsecondary education.

Awards program recognizing seven California Community Colleges that demonstrated success with basic skills populations through strategies that support systemic improvement.

The Bridging Research, Information, and Culture (BRIC) Initiative strengthened cultures of inquiry and evidence in the California community college system through a combination of onsite technical assistance, statewide professional development, and online resources.

A longitudinal research study of the long-term impacts of the Academy for College Excellence (ACE) on students’ academic and employment outcomes.

Report with literature review identifying effective practices in basic skills, an institutional self-assessment, and an electronic tool to calculate return on investment.

Study piloting and evaluating the utility of high school transcript data in predicting students' abilities to pass college-level English and/or math coursework.