Student Transfer in Professional Pathways Project (STP3)


Comprehensive study of student transfer between California’s community colleges and public and private universities in career-oriented disciplines. 

Student Transfer in Professional Pathways Project (STP3) developed actionable research to support improvement of transfer outcomes in professional pathways, including:

  • Investigating transfer pathways in career majors with high workforce demand: engineering, accounting, nursing, teacher education and criminal justice
  • Mapping the educational pathways of 14,500 transfer students who traveled through California’s community colleges and universities (public and private) to achieve a bachelor’s degree in these disciplines
  • Collecting perspectives from over 1,000 students about the factors that impacted their transfer journey
  • Convening with community college and university practitioners, employers and advocacy groups about ways to facilitate transfer in these majors

Research Briefs by Discipline

Engineering | Accounting | Nursing | Teacher Education | Criminal Justice | Emerging Disciplines

Full Quantitative Report

Engineering Transfer

Discover findings from STP3’s “deep dive” into engineering transfer, including student perspectives on the journey to degree and profiles of effective practices designed to diversify and accelerate the engineering transfer pathway.

Student Profiles | Effective Practices

About STP3

Learn more about this project and the background information that supported and directed this study.

Eva Schiorring, Project Director