Student Support (Re)defined


An RP Group study that aims to understand how, in an environment of extreme scarcity, community colleges can deliver support both inside and outside the classroom to improve success for all students 

Student Support (Re)defined in Action!


Discover 23 practices that demonstrate the study’s five themes and six success factors in Practically Speaking: Community College Practices that (Re)define Student Support

Download an Action Guide designed to facilitate a process of inquiry and planning at your institution based on Student Support (Re)defined findings.

Visit the Research in Action page for more tools, resources and ideas for strengthening support at your college.

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Student Perspectives Research

Want a quick summary of Student Support (Re)defined’s work? Read this brief description of our study findings.

Project Description – Summer 2013

Find out what 900 students from 13 California community colleges said they think supports their educational success.

Research Report | Research Brief

Download two new posters with graphics describing (1) the six success factors and (2) how students in our study perceive support. Posters can be enlarged to any size.

Six Success Factors Poster | Support from the Student Perspective Poster 


Student Support (Re)defined’s Mission

The nationwide push to increase community college completions and California’s own Student Success Act has many practitioners seeking the most effective ways to help students achieve their educational goals. Student Support (Re)defined aims to understand how community colleges can feasibly deliver support both inside and outside the classroom to improve success for all students.

For additional information on Student Support (Re)defined, see Research FAQs or contact Dr. Darla Cooper, Project Director.