Monday, February 20, 2017
The RP Group
Student Support (Re)Defined

The nationwide push to increase community college completions and California’s Basic Skills Initiative, Student Success and Support Program (SSSP), and Student Equity planning have many practitioners seeking the most effective ways to help all students attain their educational goals.

Student Support (Re)defined (2011-2014) aimed to understand how community colleges can feasibly deliver support both inside and outside the classroom to improve success for all students, with a particular focus on African-American and Latino learners.

The study asked students what they need to succeed. Ultimately, we learned that student voices are a powerful motivator and driver for change. The project sparked a movement across our system, with institutions using the findings to facilitate dialog among people, programs, and divisions; engage in strategic and equity planning; and pursue actions designed to meaningfully strengthen student success and attainment.


Focus populations: California community college students, African-American students, Latino students

Status: Complete

Contact: Dr. Darla Cooper, Director of Research and Evaluation

Areas of Impact