Wednesday, January 17, 2018
The RP Group
About The IEPI ASKs


Many California Community Colleges are seeking guidance on how to implement new approaches designed to increase institutional effectiveness. To support these efforts, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO), the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative, and the RP Group are teaming up to create a series of Applied Solution Kits (ASKs) on key approaches. Current topics include Integrated Planning, Data Disaggregation, and Strategic Enrollment Management, with new ASKs to be added as additional topic areas are developed.

Each individual ASK offers a standalone compilation of concrete resources, tools, and effective practices — including case studies and vetted examples currently used on campuses — for pursuing that approach on campus and weaving it into your college operations. At the same time, we have designed these ASKs as a coherent and interdependent set that we recommend implementing together to optimize their effectiveness and maximize their impact on your college’s culture and student success. To promote this integration, we have linked each ASK to the others so that as you work with one kit, you are prompted to use tools and resources from its companion kits.

The RP Group’s Work

The RP Group's role in each ASK has been to provide instructional materials on how to use both existing CCCCO data tools and locally available data for each topic area/ASK. As such, the work has involved refining existing resources, identifying additional promising practices, and developing new materials (white papers, instructional materials, conference presentations, webinars, and workshops) that faculty and staff within our 114 California Community Colleges can use for professional development and for improving institutional effectiveness and student success.

For more information about the ASKs, email Brad Trimble, ASK Coordinator, The RP Group