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Presentations and Webinars

Click on the links below to access numerous presentations and webinars on information around, and ways to approach, findings from Multiple Measures Assessment Project.


Placement in a Post AB 705 World
California Acceleration Project Conference (CAP), March 2018
Chief Student Services Officers Conference (CSSO), March 2018
AB 705 Work Group Meeting, March 2018 

How Machine Learning and Multiple Measures are Reshaping College Placement
California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) Conference, November, 2017

Validating Placement Systems in a Post-AB705 World
California Community College Assessment Association Conference, November 2017

Multiple Measures Assessment Project: From Pilot to Paradigm
Strengthening Student Success Conference, October 2017

Multiple Measures Assessment Project: English as a Second Language
CATESOL Conference, October 2017

Summary of Data from the Pilot Colleges
CAI Steering Committee, June 2017 
This brief summarizes success rates in transfer-level English and math at a variety of pilot colleges. 

The RP Group Conference
April 2017 

California Acceleration Project Conference
April 2017

Presentation to the CAI Steering Committee
April 4, 2017 

Presentation at the Cabrillo College CAI Professional Development Event
February 2017

Pilot College Convening, December 2016

Northern California Presentations from Pilot Colleges

Northern California Pilot College Experiences Networking Document

Southern California Presentations from Pilot Colleges

Southern California Pilot College Experiences Networking Document

Battle of the Conjunctions: Disjunctive vs Compensatory Course Placement
CAIR, November 2016

Multiple Measures Assessment Project: The Opportunity and Adversity of Increasing Placement Accuracy
Strengthening Student Success Conference, October 2016

Multiple Measures Assessment Project
CAI Regional Meeting, June 2016

Multiple Measures Assessment Project
RP Conference, April 2016

Multiple Measures Assessment Project
CAI Professional Development Meeting, April 2016

Using Multiple Measures to Enhance Student Placement
CAIR, November 2015

Pilot College Convening, October 2015

Review of Literature Around Multiple Measures

Multiple Measures Assessment Project: Math & English Models from Phase II

Pilot College Expectations and Implementation Steps

Enhanced Multiple Measures for Placement: The Multiple Measures Assessment Project
Strengthening Student Success Conference, October 2015

Multiple Measures Assessment Project and Non Cognitive Variables Updates, End of Phase 1
CAI Steering Committee, June 2015

High School Achievement in Multiple Measures: Performance and Recommendations
CAI Steering Committee, January 2015

Pilot College Convening, December 2014

Multiple Measures Assessment Project: Pilot College Convening (Cal-PASS Presentation)

Multiple Measures Assessment Project: Convening of Pilot Colleges (RP Group Presentation)

Student Equity and the Re-imagination of Student Capacity
Joint Meeting of Equity and SSSP Directors, October 2014

Toward a Common Assessment for California Community Colleges
CAI Steering Committee, October 2014


Maximizing High School Transcript Information for MMAP
October 6, 2017

This webinar covered new tools available to colleges to better understand and help encourage local participation in CalPASS Plus, California’s voluntary intersegmental educational system of data, to increase the number of participating schools and districts so that more students will have multiple measures information available, regardless of which California Community College they might end up attending. This webinar also covered potential alternative approaches for students for whom student high school information is not available in CalPASS Plus, including local transcript review and self-reported high school information. View the archived webinar.

Presenters: Ken Sorey and John Hetts, EdResults Partnership/CalPASS Plus

Implementing and Improving Your MMAP Process - Examples from Pilot Colleges
September 26, 2017

This webinar showcased how three pilot colleges across the state have locally implemented evidence-based approaches to multiple measures. Given variation in curricula, institutional and departmental structure, and decision-making that colleges may face across the California Community Colleges, this webinar provided participants with numerous examples and strategies from three different approaches to successful implementation of multiple measures to help inform local implementation at their own campus. View the archived webinar.

Automating the MMAP Process
September 6, 2017

This webinar will include examples from three pilot colleges who have automated parts or all of their MMAP process to help streamline the student placement process. The colleges will share how they approached the automation process, what they learned, and improvements they have made over time. View the archived webinar.

SPSS syntax shared by the San Diego Community College District to automate their MMAP process: 

Developing a Research Plan
March 29, 2017

This webinar is intended for pilot colleges who would like assistance developing a comprehensive research plan to track the impact of new multiple measures models on student placement, success, and sequence completion. View the archived webinar.

Implementation for New Pilot Colleges
March 14, 2017 

This webinar is specific to new pilot colleges or colleges who have not yet placed a cohort using the models. The MMAP Team walks you through some of the key steps to consider. View the archived webinar.

Returning Your Pilot College Data
March 9, 2017

As a pilot college, the MMAP Research Team requests that you share your assessment data for inclusion in the statewide analysis in order to inform and improve the models that will be included in the Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) platform. This webinar will walk colleges through the process for identifying and formatting local data elements for submission and how to submit the data to Cal-Pass Plus. View the archived webinar.

Developing a Research/Evaluation Plan
November 3, 2016

This webinar focused on considerations when developing a research and evaluation plan to assess the impact of MMAP on your campus. View the archived webinar. 

Pilot College Experiences
October 18, 2016

Showcased the experiences of three pilot colleges who implemented MMAP: Norco College, Riverside City College, and MiraCosta College. Access the archived webinar here

Multiple Measures Assessment Project Frequently Asked Questions
September 20, 2016

Provided pilot colleges the opportunity to ask questions about changes occurring statewide around common test and multiple measures. Access the archived webinar here.

Implementation and Enrollment Impacts
September 14, 2016

Provided an overview of MMAP including: creating a team, data matching, analyzing enrollment impacts, communication strategies, and outreach; designed for new pilot colleges or those with new members to their team. Access the archived webinar here

Using R for Decision Trees for Multiple Measures
June 7, 2016

Walked pilot colleges through an overview of how to use the open-source software 'R' to run local decision rules for math, English, reading and ESL to determine if any variations exist between the statewide models and local models. Access archived webinar here.  

From Start to Finish: An Overview of the Implementation Process for New Pilot Colleges
May 11, 2016

Walked pilot colleges through the process of implementing the multiple measures; designed for new pilot colleges. Access archived webinar here

Multiple Measures Assessment Project - Pilot College Examples
March 9, 2016

Highlighted the experiences of three different pilot colleges that have implemented multiple measures: Irvine Valley College, Canada College and Rio Hondo College. Access the archived webinar here

Reading and ESL Rule Sets for MMAP Pilot Colleges
February 25, 2016

Walked pilot colleges through the rule sets for reading and ESL courses. NOTE: the reading rule sets shared in this webinar have been updated. See “Reading Decision Trees Output (May 2016)” in the “Decision Rules and Analysis Code” folder on the “Resources for Pilot Colleges” page. Access the archived webinar here.

Cohort Files Upload Process to Cal-PASS Plus
February 4, 2016 

Walked pilot colleges through the process of uploading their pilot data to Cal-PASS Plus to be included in the statewide analysis to validate the rule sets. Access the archived webinar here, and search for “MMAP - Returning Your Pilot Data to CalPASS Plus,” February 4, 2016, 10:00 am.

Multiple Measures Assessment Project: Pilot College Examples
September 23, 2015

Provided examples from three pilot colleges on how they have approached multiple measures assessment. Access the archived webinar here, and search for “Multiple Measures Assessment Project,” September 23, 2015. 

Putting it all Together: Finalizing Your Local Implementation Plan
May 6, 2015 

Provided information for pilot colleges on finalizing local implementation plans. Access the archived webinar here, and search for “MMAP: Completion of Local Implementation Plan,” May 6, 2015.  

Developing a Multiple Measures Research Plan
April 13, 2015

Provided examples of research plan templates and timelines for planning implementation of multiple measures strategies. Access the archived webinar here, and search for “MMAP Webinar: Developing a MM Research Plan,” April 13, 2015.  

How to Use R: Decision Trees and Much More
April 22, 2015

Provided a demonstration of how to use the open source statistical software R to create decision trees. Access the archived webinar here, and search for “How to Use R: Decision Trees and Much More,” April 22, 2015.


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