Friday, March 23, 2018
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The Future of Accreditation with ACCJC President Richard Winn

Wednesday, August 2 | 11 am | Twitter | Transcript Now Available!

Learn more about newly-appointed ACCJC President Richard Winn and the future of accreditation on Wednesday, August 2 at 11 am on Twitter. 

In this event, President Winn will answer as many questions as he is able, some posed by us at the RP Group (in the first half of the chat), and the rest by you and other participants. We encourage courteous participation throughout, and also kindly ask that questions focus on the present/future as the ACCJC is not able to speak about past events or past leadership at this time. 

We'd like to give special thanks to accreditation expert Bob Pacheco (Twitter handle: @bobpach3co) who was instrumental in helping us formulate questions. Bob served as a dean of institutional effectiveness and accreditation liaison officer, leading accreditation, research, and integrated and strategic planning efforts at the college level.

This is an exciting time for many in the CCC world and what better way to kick off this new era than with a conversation? Mark your calendar and email with any questions and stay tuned for a transcript in the week following the event.

How to Participate in a Chat When You Don’t Have a Twitter Account…

  • It’s easy!

  • Go to and type or copy/paste the hashtag given into the search field.

  • Hit the "Latest" button above the stream.

  • From there, just simply watch the questions, answers, and user comments unfold in real time!

  • Unfortunately, this process does not work on mobile. You have to be a Twitter user to see a Twitter conversation on the mobile version of the site.

How to Participate in a Chat When You Do Have a Twitter Account…

  • Login to your Twitter account and copy/paste the hashtag into the search field.

  • Right click on the home icon and open up that page in a separate tab (so you can toggle between the streaming conversation and your own ability to tweet).

  • Questions and answers often have multiple parts. We'll ask the question in its entirety and then our Guest will respond with his or her answer in its entirety, also often in multiple parts. I.e. Q1., Q1.2, Q1.3... A1., A1.2 and so forth.

Important Things to Remember

  • The most important rule is to always include the hashtag in every tweet or else we won’t be able to see your question or comment in the chat. (It will still get published from your profile.)

  • If you want to comment and conserve space -- abbreviate and don’t retweet or reply… Just write “re: A1” etc. and then your comment. 

  • To respond to a participant question or comment, start a new tweet with their Twitter handle (@theirtwitterhandle) and then write your tweet.  Just make sure you don't use the "reply" / chat bubble icon to respond to someone. Always start a new tweet. 

  • Of course, please do retweet any questions or answers from the chat you think are important. 

  • Feel free to comment, respond, retweet, and ask questions from the beginning to the end of the chat. Due to time constraints and the nature of the format, however, it is likely that we will not be able to address or respond to all questions and comments.

  • Questions and comments from participants will be addressed in the second half of the chat. 

  • We will be providing a transcript of the event on our website, so stay tuned for that link. 

About RP Group Twitter Q + A (Chats)

Led and moderated by the RP Group leadership team, the Q and A is an open-sourced dialog on Twitter at a certain time that generally lasts about an hour. 

To participate in the conversation, just go to the hashtag given on Twitter or tune-in to our profile @theRPGroup. This is a great opportunity to share your thoughts, get answers to questions, and grow your social and offline network. Just remember to always include the hashtag #RPGroupChat in your tweet!

We encourage courteous participation throughout. For questions, please email Director of Communications Olivia Loy.

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