Friday, December 14, 2018
The RP Group

Design It-Build It-Ship It



Design-It Build-It Ship-It is a regional workforce initiative that enables 11 community colleges to develop regionally articulated programs for dislocated workers or unemployed adults to earn degrees or credentials that enable them to enter the workforce in industries with growing occupational demand and opportunities for career and wage advancement.

For this TAACCCT grant, the RP Group provides technical assistance, including data management and analysis, to both Contra Costa Community College District (grant manager) as well as IMPAQ (lead evaluator).

RP Group Lead

Terrence Willett, MS, Project Director

RP Group Team Members

Alyssa Nguyen, MA, Tim Nguyen, Joshua Rosales



Impaq International, Contra Costa Community College District


California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, Employment Development Department



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  • Focus Populations: CTE students
  • Status: Complete
  • Contact: Terrence Willett, MS,

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