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Jul 8, 2010  | 
Dr Katie Hern, English Instructor, Chabot College

An explanatory article, practical tools, and data analysis from Los Medanos and Chabot Colleges that make the case for accelerated developmental English and Math.

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Mar 27, 2013  | 
Elisa Rassen, with support from Kathy Booth, Robert Gabriner, W. Norton Grubb, and Laura Hope

Based on reserach cnoducted in California community colleges, this guide identifies and explores four key changes that can be made to basic skills programs in order to significantly improve...

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Apr 21, 2011  | 
UC Berkeley & the RP Group

Investigation of basic skills instructional practices, based on interviews with administrators and instructors to understand the institutional setting, classroom observation to understand the...

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Jun 24, 2011  | 
Tom Dewit & Sean McFarland, Acceleration in Context

By demystifying the choices that community college institutions have made about addressing basic skills over the years, this 20 minute film offers encouragement to faculty and administrators to...

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Oct 7, 2010  | 
Patricia Wu & Jane Wolford, Chabot College

PowerPoint addressing how three instructors from Chabot College embedded Reading Apprenticeship in their classrooms, including tools for facilitating student reading and the impact of these...

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Oct 7, 2009  | 
Alicia Munoz & Guillermo Colls, Cuyamaca College

Presenters from Cuyamaca College will  show how to create a reading lab, select appropriate materials, and seek funding. Included is a PowerPoint Presentation of the mini-lab’s history and...

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Oct 1, 2004  | 
Kenneth Meehan, Ph.D., Fullerton College and Hal Huntsman, City College of San Francisco  

A trio of articles on improving success rates in elementary algebra.

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