Contextualized Teaching and Learning Project


Resource guide and videos that introduce instructional strategies integrating basic skills with career and technical education and occupational content. 

During Spring 2009, the RP Group developed a contextualized teaching and learning (CTL) primer. This primer introduces instructional strategies for teaching basic skills in a context that is meaningful and relevant to students' lives, including career preparation, community service and social justice. The primary audience is practitioners—both instructional and counseling faculty in CTE/occupational education and instructors teaching in Mathematics, English and ESL programs.

In Fall 2009, RP partnered with Career Ladders Project to create three videos (each about five minutes long) that feature students’ perspectives on how contextualized instruction enhances motivation, accelerates learning, increases retention, and builds academic confidence.

During 2010, we have been using the videos as a means of starting conversations with faculty about how contextualization might fit into their classrooms.  If you would be interested in having an experienced faculty member facilitate a conversation at your campus, please contact

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