Research in Action

Practitioner resources and ideas for strengthening support with study findings

Practitioner Primer

Seeking concrete examples for how to strengthen your students’ success through improved support? Review this Practitioner Primer and discover 23 approaches from community colleges in California and across the country that demonstrate our study’s five key themes and six success factors. The primer also includes discussion questions designed to promote reflection on featured practices and inspire dialog about what you and your colleagues can do to advance student achievement at the individual, program and institutional levels.

Practically Speaking: Community College Practices that (Re)define Student Support 


College Action Guide

Interested in using Student Support (Re)defined findings to strengthen student success on your campus? This Action Guide helps college practitioners undertake an inquiry and planning process based on the study’s results. This guide can be utilized to enhance existing campus efforts or facilitate new initiatives.

Action Guide: Exploring Ways to Strengthen Student Support at Your College


Academy for College Excellence Case Study

Curious about what the findings and themes of Student Support (Re)defined can look like when fully activated? Read this case study of the Academy for College Excellence (ACE) that explores how ACE takes a fundamentally different approach to support, accelerating learning for underprepared students through the classroom.

Full ACE Case Study | ACE Case Study Summary


Student Ideas for Strengthening Success

Interested in helping students achieve their goals but work outside the classroom? Learn what students participating in our study say anyone on a college campus can do to support their success.  

10 Ways Everyone Can Support Student Success

Want to further integrate support into your classroom? Review 10 ways faculty can advance student success, based on suggestions from the students who participated in our study.

10 Ways Faculty Can Support Students’ Success


CCCs Using Student Support (Re)defined

Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC)

Learn about a faculty mentor program designed to help students experience the six success factors

LASC/Mentors Website

LASC/Mentors Description 

Berkeley City College (BCC)

Berkeley City College used the six factor framework as a basis for its student equity plan—a requirement of any California community college seeking Student Success and Support Program funding. BCC’s plan indicated that the college ‘deliberately relied upon’ the six success factors as a ‘philosophical framework’ for ‘deciding how to close equity gaps’ at the institution (Berkeley City College, 2014 p. 7-8).

College of the Canyons (COC)

View banners created by COC Graphic Multimedia Design II students to visibly promote the six success factors across the campus community. 

COC is also...

• Using Student Support (Re)defined to facilitate conversations at institution performance indicators meetings

• Partnering with its graphic/multimedia design department on a celebration of student success featuring students’ stories; each story will highlight how one of the six success factors has contributed to students’ achievement

• Hosting a customer service training workshop through its Learning Center—inspired by a campus-based Student Support (Re)defined presentation and student panel; the college’s business department chair will facilitate the workshop which will address the six factors as well as incorporate content from the college’s customer service certificate

• Using the six success factors to help develop connected faculty development opportunities related to the factors in a professional development subcommittee

Feather River College (FRC)

Learn how FRC (1) asked employees to make a personal commitment to helping students experience the six success factors and (2) followed up on how faculty, staff and administrators were keeping that commitment in their day-to-day work with students. 

At the beginning of the academic year, faculty, staff and administrators were asked to complete a Personal Commitment Form indicating what they intended to do to help students succeed at the college, including which factor(s) their effort will help students experience. Then, in October and March, they were sent the personal commitment form they completed along with a Follow-up Survey asking them to share what they actually did. FRC was kind enough to share some of the results from this survey and we have highlighted a few sample practices.

Laney College

Review summaries from "Lunch and Learn” sessions conducted by Laney’s Faculty Senate to engage faculty, staff and students in dialogue about how to help Laney’s learners feel meaningfully nurtured, engaged and connected.

Session 1 – Nurtured

Session 2 – Engaged

Session 3 – Connected

Yuba College

Watch a video developed by Yuba College highlighting how students experience the six success factors at their institution.

Yuba College Video

DeAnza College

See how DeAnza College incorporated Student Support (Re)defined research into its values statement.

DeAnza College Values Statement

Student Success and Support Program Implementation Summit

Hear from students participating in a panel discussion on Student Support (Re)defined at the California Community Colleges Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) Implementation Summit (September 2013).

SSSP Summit Video

Shasta College

Shasta College is using Student Support (Re)defined’s focus group questions to interview students and inform the development of their student equity plan. 

Have your own example of how your work demonstrates the findings from Student Support (Re)defined?

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